Sherbrooke Metals is a primary manufacturer of copper & silver tungsten discs, bars, rings, rods with special shapes available.
We are a stocking distributor of tungsten & molybdenum rod & plate.
We also offering access to Copper-Tungsten Carbide material.
A group of welding processes where joining of metal is accomplished by the heat produced from the resistance of the article to the flow of electrical current in a circuit of which the article is a part. This occurs when pressure is directed at the electrodes where the electrical circuit is initiated and concluded.
Neither copper nor silver will alloy appreciably with Molybdenum or Tungsten, but through a tightly controlled powder metallurgy process, Sherbrooke produces a homogeneous bi-metal for electrical contact use. These bi-metals afford the user superior chemical, mechanical and electrical properties.
In addition, the high electrical and thermal conductivity of the silver or copper along with the arc-resistant and non-welding properties of Molybdenum or Tungsten, provide the customer with a wide range of bi-metals to best suit their needs.
Because these bi-metals withstand the effects of the arcing incident to the interruption of large current they are often used for circuit breakers, relays, switches and heavy duty contractors.
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