Thermkon® is heat transfer material that combines a closely matched and controlled thermal expansion rate with high thermal conductivity. Thermkon® is made by sintering pure refractory metal to a controlled amount of interconnected porosity. This sintered “refractory sponge” is then infiltrated with molten copper to create a bimetal composite which has the highest density and purity possible. This ensures maximum thermal conductivity for the specific ratio of combined metals. Thermkon® heat sink materials can be manufactured in virtually any size, thickness and length to meet your needs.
Machining Thermkon®
Excellent surface finish on the Thermkon® materials can be produced by milling, shaping, turning, boring, drilling, tapping and grinding techniques. In general, machining Thermkon® material produces short chips and the materials can be machined without use of lubricants or coolant. If a lubricant or coolant is needed, a water soluble lubricant or coolant is advisable. Notches and sharp corners should be avoided where possible. The information contained here should be used as a guide only as each machine shop develops its own practice for machining and grinding.